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VantagePoint Strategy Group is a management consulting firm providing strategic, management, operations, turnaround and restructuring advisory services to decision-makers who have a stake in the business and/or process of construction. Our clients include property owners, public agencies, institutions, lenders, investors and construction companies.

Seize the Day

As a construction decision-maker, you are fully aware that construction is highly challenging and fraught with risks and vulnerabilities. Economic, market and even political forces can negatively impact the construction landscape and outlook overnight, leaving many construction participants in the dust.

The flip side to this story is that the construction industry is, indeed, cyclical, and what goes down must eventually come back up as global needs for new and better infrastructure, energy, health care, schools, housing and other facilities accelerate.

As an executive directing a capital expansion program for a corporation, institution or government agency, or as a construction business owner managing a portfolio of projects, there is no better time than now to reposition and strengthen your construction operation to:

  • Tackle today’s market challenges successfully
  • Move forward with a strategy and organization that can adapt to change within a workable framework
  • Build an enterprise that is capable of achieving enduring success and profitability

VantagePoint is prepared to provide expertise and support

Our services are customized to help you:

  • Review and re-align overall goals and strategy
  • Regain/achieve competitive differentiation and advantage
  • Develop and retain new clients
  • Improve the effectiveness of the organization
  • Turn around deteriorating financial performance
  • Improve the efficiency, effectiveness and performance of construction operations
  • Reverse poor project performance; restructure troubled projects
  • Enhance enterprise capacity by leveraging capabilities

VantagePoint is a single source provider representing a unique, diverse and complementary team of associate professionals who share common values and a passion for assisting construction industry participants to achieve enduring success. We offer broad management perspectives, deep industry expertise, a tried and tested approach and methodology, strategic insights grounded in real world “lessons learned,” and roll-up-the-sleeves implementation to assist clients to assess, strategize, implement and achieve tangible results.

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